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AVPS Screencaps: Act One

Since I had it downloaded, I though I might as well. Capped in Quicktime from the 1280x720 file at half size (which means they're 640x360). I set it to cap 60 times per minute (or once a second), and didn't weed through to pick out the blurry/bad ones. There are about 300-700 caps in each zip--it really depends on the length of the part in question.

(click for fullsize)

(the single ones are mediafire; the whole is megaupload)

640x360. some jpeg, some png.
Act 1, Part 1 | Act 1, Part 2 | Act 1, Part 3 | Act 1, Part 4
Act 1, Part 5 | Act 1, Part 6 | Act 1, Part 7 | Act 1, Part 8
Act 1, Part 9 | Act 1, Part 10 | Act 1, Part 11 | Act 1, Part 12
Act 1, Part 13 | Act 1, Part 14 | Act 1, Part 15 | Act 1, Part 16
MediaFire folder (to bulk download)
ONE SITX FILE (join with hjsplit/split & concat and expand with StuffIt): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

If you want me to cap a specific section at a better speed, let me know. =)

- comment. it's better than sunshine and rainbows. =DD
- i'd love a mention (fey_belle) in your resources if you use them for graphics.
- watch the comm if you like what you see!

Act 2 will be up soonish.
Tags: a very potter sequel, screencaps
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These look fantastic!
Will probably use some to make icons, and will credit if I do :)
I'm starting to download and will definitely credit when used. Thank you so much for doing this! I know how much work it is!
Wonderful, just what I was looking for! Thank you! :D
soo amazing! will most likely upload this. thank youuu <3
Where is the megaupload link? :/
There are six of them. The entire .sitx was over a gig and therefore much too large for one link.
Thank you so much!!
I love these, thanks!